11 november 2014



The Groninger Student Union is an association that exists out of members. We mainly concentrate on students or future students who study in Groningen. Students from other provinces or non-students are also welcome to become a member ofcourse. De active members are the basis of the GSb. The day-to-day administration is executed by the board. The policy is composed by the board and the General Member Assemblee. The General Member Assemblee represents the members of the association and her jobs are hiring the board, rejecting or agreeing to policy papers (like the policy plan, the budget, annual report and the annual accounts) and supervising the executed policy.


Our General Member Assemblee has the last say as you can see in the picture below. The General Member Assemblee chooses a new board every year and also chooses the members of the commission in charge of the applications, the commission who searches for the new board and coordinators, the commission who checks the treasurer and members for the Nait Soez’n. The legal helpdesk, rental team, research committee and the activities committee are below the board. The General Member Assemblee doesn’t have to appoint these groups.



Nait Soez’n

The Nait Soez’n (Don’t nag) is our newsmagazine. There have been multiple paper issues a year since 1972. The magazine also has her own website where they post the latest news: www.naitsoezn.nl.

The Nait is an independent newsmagazine that writes about nationwide education, but also about the education in Groningen and about living in Groningen, what’s the best place to go out and other important subjects for students in Groningen. Members receive the magazine at home and we also spread 2000 editions at the RUG and the Hanze Hogeschool. For more information, click the following link.

Legal Helpdesk

Students can receive free legal advice about the Binding Study Advice, a bad grade, problem with the landlord of employer or other questions when they contact our Legal Helpdesk. Our team consists of ten law students who spend several hours a week to provide legal advice. There is more information about our Legal helpdesk on the website, click here.


Rental team

The Rental Team performs free rent checks and helps students to lower their rent. They can also help you with conflicts with your landlord. The team consists of seven law students who are specialized in rental law. A rental check is free and completely non-committal. Sometimes, you can save up to 150 euros a month! If you want more information about our rental team, click here.


Research committee

Our research team is concerned with relevant student problems or other interesting questions. For example: What will happen if the OV chipcard gets cancelled? The members research by interviewing students. The collected results and advices are published and given , for example, to the municipality, RUG or Hanze. If you want more information about the Research Committee, click here.

Activities Committee

The AcCie (Activities Committee) organizes fun and interesting activities like publectures and quizzes for students in Groningen. Besides this, the AcCie also takes care of a big part of the promotion of the GSb. The AcCie consists of four or five students. If you want more information about the AcCie click here.

Service point mediation costs

The Service point mediation costs is set up by the Groningen Student Union, the Kamerbewoners Adviesburo and the helpdesk of the Studenten Organisatie Groningen. Together, we offer students free legal advice and we guide them where needed. A lot of students pay too much mediation costs. That’s why we started to collaborate to provide students information about how to recover these costs. The advice is free and provided by our experienced fellow workers. If you want more information, click here.

The Service point mediation costs is not a committee or workgroup of the GSb. The foundation was set up in 2014 as a independent organisation. They are however, very involved with the union.


Council of Advice

The Council of Advice is the organ that provides advice to the board of de Groningen Student Union. They advice about the executed policy and potential plans. Currently, the council consists of four members who are old board members and active members.