17 november 2014

News magazine Nait Soez’n

Nait Soez’n


The Nait Soez’n (don’t nag) is the independent newsmagazine of the Groningen Student Union and publishes several paper editions per year since 1971. Besides the paper edition the Nait Soez’n also has a website where you can read all the latest news: www.naitsoezn.nl.

The Nait Soez’n focuses on nationwide education and education in Groningen. Also, living in Groningen, going out and other important subjects for students can be found in the magazine. Members of the Groningen Student Union get the magazine delivered at home and 1000 editions are spread amongst the university and Hanze locations.

The editors of the Nait Soez’n 2015-2016 are:
Leon Maas (editor in chief)
Gerald de Vrieze
Matthijs Dröge
Isabelle Veltman
Sophie Meijberg
Richard Pronk
Frits Nijhuis

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