Research Committee

Research Committee

The Research Committee of the Groningen Student Union researches relevant problems the students in Groningen have. The Research Committee of the Groningen Student Union will conduct research on topics such as education and housing. The tasks primarily consists of recognizing issues, setting up the research and conducting the research by mainly interviewing students or spreading surveys. The Committee will give recommendations based on the collected data, which can be used by the Groningen Student Union, the municipality of Groningen, the educational institutes or students.

In February 2016, the Research Committee published a report which stated that international students pay on average 75% more rent for their room than their Dutch counterparts. This news reached national media and was taken very seriously by the Board of Burgomaster and Aldermen and the municipal council. Since then, the municipality of Groningen plays a more active role in the requirements international students have. Besides that, the Research Committee investigated the commitment to the factions in the University Council (University of Groningen) and the Participation Council (Hanze University of Applied Sciences).

At this moment, the Research Committee is mapping the coping strategies of students with regard to stress and what the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences can do to reduce the level of stress. For that purpose, the members of the Committee have made the Student Stress Survey. You can find it here!

The Research Committee of 2017:
Marrit Postema (coordinator)
Anne Klaver
Romy Montanus
Bram de Weerd
Kim Bakker
Selsela Hasami

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