Research Committee

The Research Committee of the Groninger Studentenbond focusses on relevant studentproblems or interesting questions. The committee members conduct research by doing interviews or by spreading questionnaires. The collected results and advices are then published and presented to for example the University of Groningen, Hanze University of Applied Sciences and/or the municipality.

In February 2016, the Research Committee published a report that stated that, on average, international students pay 75% more on rent for their rooms than Dutch students. This news was in the national media and was taken very seriously by the municipal administration and councelmembers of the municipality. Since then, the local administration has kept a closer eye on the necessities and needs of international students. Click here for the report.

In September 2017, the Research Committee published a report on the by them conducted research on stress among students. This showed, among other things, that 62% of students see stress as a constant presence in the student life. Besides that, the research focusses on the different ways that students cope with stress, the accessibility of student psychologists and on how educational institutions work on these issues. This research can be found here.

In 2018 the Research Committee conducted a study on the anglicization of education. You can find the report on this study here.

The Research committee of 2018 (from left to right, upper row first):
Tudor Craciun
Liesbeth van Ravenhorst
Lisanne de Jong
Anne Klaver (responsible board-member)
Dorothea Pink
Jocelyne Ludoph (coordinator)
Mandy Abbing