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The Rental Team performs free rent checks and helps students to lower their rent. The Rental Team will first use the rental points system to calculate whether there is too much rent paid by the chamber. They will do this by measuring your room and looking at the quality of the house. If there actually is too much rent paid, the Rental Team will help you to bring the price down. In some cases, you save up to €150,- per month! A rent check request is free and completely without obligation. In addition, the Huurteam also provides free advice on, for example service, maintenance and obligations of both the landlord as yours. Do you want to request a rent check? Or do you have a general question about your apartment or room? You can always contact us!

The Rental Team is only for students in Groningen!

The Rental Team is overburdened at this moment, so is not available at the moment. If your case is really high priority, sent your case to the legal team.

You can drop by our office or send us a message via Facebook

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