Good job to fill in the Election Guide for the UC-elections of 2018! Between May
14 and 18 you can vote for a student who will represent you in the University
Council (UC). This council advises and monitors the board of the University of
Groningen (UG) and co-determines the policy regarding education and study
facilities. The UC consists of 12 students and 12 staff members.

To help you plough through the election programmes and think about the
plans the parties have in mind for you, the Groningen Students’ Union
developed this Election Guide. The Groningen Students’ Union is an
independent, neutral organisation fighting for the interests of all students of

The Election Guide contains 10 subjects with 2-4 propositions each. Indicate
which proposition fits you best. Five parties are running for seats in 2018:
Studenten Organisatie Groningen (SOG), Lijst Calimero (Calimero), One Man
Gang (OMG), De Vrije Student (DVS) and the movement Democratische
Academie Groningen (DAG). Only parties that provided the Groningen
Students’ Union are included in this election guide. After you’ve had all
subjects, a screen will appear showing which party you should vote for,
according to your own answers. Pay in mind that the guide only shows the party that fits you best, but that other parties might fit your choices almost as much. Therefore we also recommend you to read the election plans.

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