Hotline for students affected by the corona measures at the University of Groningen

Groningen, 03 April 2020 – The Groningen Student Union (GSb) has set up a hotline for students who encounter problems with their studies at the University of Groningen. Due to the problems surrounding the corona virus, it is no longer possible to take a physical exam or take lessons. Every student in every study programme experiences this differently and with this hotline they can share these experiences.

The chairman of the Groninger Student Association, Jan Willem Leeuwma, states that ”many students have questions and ambiguities as a result of the changes brought about by studying completely digitally”. Exams now have to be taken digitally in a different format and for many courses information about the upcoming block is missing.

Together with the University Council parties Student Organisation Groningen, Lijst Calimero, Democratic Academy Groningen (DAG) and De Vrije Student Groningen (DVS), we will see what we can do to avoid as many obstacles as possible for the students. By means of this hotline, we can see where the pitfalls and frustrations lie and we can see where there is still a lot of ground to gain,” says Leeuwma.

You can find the Hotline on our website: And also using this link:

Are you part of Hanze University of Applied Science? Then we would like to use the HSV Hotline, which you can find here: