Report on housing: How satisfied are international students in Groningen?

The housing situation in Groningen seems to be an ongoing issue, both when it comes to quantity and quality of the rooms for students. It is a well known fact that the number of students currently studying in Groningen can not be housed by the  housing supply, but what about the quality of the rooms supplied for in Groningen? To gain better insights in the quality of the current housing supply, the Housing Team (werkgroep huisvesting) of the Groningen Students’ Union conducted research on satisfaction with the housing situation among international students in Groningen.

Report on housing: How satisfied are international students in Groningen?

Anglicization of Higher Education in Groningen: a Students’ and Lecturers’ Perspective

On the 23rd of October 2018, the Research Committee of the Groninger Studentenbond (GSb) published a report discussing the findings of a research project. The report targets the opinions of both students and lecturers on the ongoing process of Anglicization at the University of Groningen, and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. On the basis of this report, the GSb demands from both the UG and the Hanze to critically evaluate the process of Anglicization and to invest more in order to guarantee a high level of education.

GSb Research on Anglicization of Higher Education in Groningen

Stress among students

On the 20th of September 2017, the report of the conducted research on stress among students was published. This report also contains recommendations for the educational institutions. It can be read by clicking the link below (this report is in Dutch only).

 Research GSb on stress among students

International students and the rental market

In February 2016, the Research Committee published a report that stated that, on average, international students pay 75% more on rent for their rooms than Dutch students. This news was in the national media and was taken very seriously by the municipal administration and councelmembers of the municipality. Since then, the local administration has kept a closer eye on the necessities and needs of international students. You can click on the link below to read the report on this research (this report is in Dutch only).

 Research GSb on housing (of international students) in Groningen