Support Center Mediation Costs

Support Center Mediation Costs Groningen (in Dutch Steunpunt Bemiddelingskosten Groningen) is a non-commercial organization that helps student in reclaiming their unjustified paid mediation costs. The organization is a collaboration between different student organizations: the Groningen Student Union (GSb), Kamerbewoners Adviesburo (KAB) and Student Organization Groningen (SOG). This initiative is supported by the municipality of Groningen, the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and the Hanzehogeschool of Applied Sciences. Do you think you paid too much mediation costs, service costs or contract costs? Fill in the contact form!

Our employees provide free legal advice and support in reclaiming unduly paid mediation costs. You can fill in our contact form and we will contact you. By filling in how much medition costs you have paid and what the provided services of the mediation office were, we can give you legal advice about your situation directly and if you can reclaim your costs. If the mediation costs were disproportionate and thus reclaimable, we will send you a formal letter which you or we can send to the mediation office. Before taking any legal steps, we will try to contact the mediation office and reclaim the costs. If this fails, our tenancy lawyer can take over the case for only 25,00 Euros and start a legal procedure.