Rental price too high

A lot of students in Groningen pay too much rent for their room. Do you think you pay too much too or do you think the measurements of your room, stated in your contract, aren’t right? Our Rental Team can visit you and do a free rent check! You can contact them by email: In the Netherlands there is a so-called ‘property valuation system’, also known as the points system. This system awards points to different facilities in and around the residence. Depending on the amount of people and the measurements of the rooms there is a maximum amount of points. This amount of points equals the maximum basic rent they can demand of you. In your rental contract you can see rent is generally divided into two parts: service costs and the standard rent. You can find an example of this points system on the website of the Rental Committee ‘Huurcommissie’ or in our ‘Living in Groningen’ book.

Our Rental Team will gladly come to visit you and check if you pay too much rent. If you actually do pay too much rent, the Rental Team will help you to bring the price down by contacting your landlord. If your landlord doesn’t want to cooperate or you feel your situation is hopeless, we can take your case to the Rental Committee. They’ll look into your case for 25 euros. But surely it’s better to try it the kindly way first.