Elections at the University of Groningen heralded with a voting guide and a live debate

Groningen, 04 June 2020 – From 8 June, we can all go digitally to the ballot box for the University Council elections in Groningen. Each year, these elections are accompanied by a voting guide and a debate. This year, the Groningen Student Union will once again come with a voting guide and, together with the student association RKSV Albertus Magnus, will organise a debate on the Friday evening. The chairman of the GSb, Jan Willem Leeuwma, states that ”We can also be very happy this year that there is a possibility to make your voice heard within the university despite the current circumstances with corona”.

Emma Visser, Vice-Praeses at the student association Albertus Magnus thinks it is important to increase the students’ interest in politics: “The voice of the student is very important! That is why we want to inform not only our members, but all students about the different points of view of the parties in this way, in order to ultimately ensure that they too can cast a well-considered vote. Moreover, we hope in this way to increase the interest in politics among the Groningen student”.

As of this moment the voting guide is online and next Friday there will be a debate that will be broadcasted live from the premises of Albertus Magnus. Next week between 8 and 12 June the ballot boxes will be open to cast your vote. In addition to the voting that has already been done digitally, this year’s campaign will also go completely online. On Friday 5 June, the four parties will also compete against each other during the debate. The parties will be able to explain why they should be elected and, in doing so, really distinguish themselves in the vision they see for the university,” says Leeuwma.

The voting guide can be reached via the following website https://stemwijzer.hebjijalgestemd.nl/ and the debate can be followed live on Friday via https://www.facebook.com/events/552415562083882/.