What we do

The GSb (Groninger Student Union) helps students on the basis of our four pillars.



Students can go to the GSb if they have any problems with for instance, their study, job, DUO or their landlord.

– Legal Helpdesk (steunpunt)

Our Legal Helpdesk has a trained staff who can help students with their legal questions. When needed a student can use our attorneys network for free. Our Legal Helpdesk consists of ten law students who help students completely voluntarily. By doing this they can exercise their study in practice.

– Rental Team Groningen

Students can go to the GSb Rental Team if they want to know their legally determined rent. Our Rental Team helps students untill the Rental Committee (Huurcommissie) and mediates between tenant and landlord. Our Rental Team can help students save hundreds of euros a month and can help to stop abuses. If you arranged a rental check one or two of our volunteers come to your house to measure your room based on the point system of the Rental Committee. We do not only help individual students, we also arrange activities to create awareness and to inform students about rental law and bad landlords. An example here are the ‘Danni Lowinski’ activities, during this event our Legal Helpdesk and Rental team are on the ground at the Zernikeplein or Academieplein. Sometimes we do this in corporation with the police department and the fire department to inform students about (fire) safety.



The GSb is active at diverse local parties as the municipality and different (local) political parties. In the past we were also active in the University Council of the RUG and the HMR of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. In the past years however we felt that not many students felt attracted to these student bodies. So the GSb decided to focus on the housing policy of the municipality and in lesser extent to the education policy of the RUG and Hanze. We do however play an active role in the national higher education debate, for instance to demonstrate against the so called “1040 urennorm” in 2011 and against “het leenstelsel” in 2014. Maybe, in the future, we will return to the University Council and the HMR.



The GSb tries to inform students about the last developments in higher education and about the housing policy of the municipality of Groningen. Since this year we restarted our newsmagazine Nait Soez’n. This magazine is spread across different location of the RUG and Hanze, the magazine publishes all kind of subjects relevant to students in Groningen. We also publish our ‘Kamerboek’ once a year in Dutch and in English. In this book we give students all the information they need when they move to Groningen. All freshman students get one in during the KEI week and they are available the year around at different locations. We also have an online version here. We are also very active in local and regional media. We issue press releases for all kind of subjects, if you want to read our latest releases please take a look at our “news” page. Besides our wonderful website we also have an facebook page, a Twitter feed, and an Instagram account.



Public attention and media coverage helps to force institutions to declare why problems occur and often help to solve these problems. When students interests’ is harmed and consultation is no longer possible, we might protest against or for that topic. In this way we get attention in a positive way. The goal of these actions are always in the students’ interest and with these actions we accomplish a lot for students. Our actions are never at the expense of the community.