Housing Guide: everything you need to know when you start living in Groningen

Housing Guide

The Housing Guide has been developed composite for students to read about their housing rights. Besides this information book, you can ask your questions to our Legal helpdesk. This committee consists of ten law students who will provide you with free legal advise. You can contact them by calling 050 363 4675, emailing to steunpunt@groningenstudentenbond.nl or by walking by at the office of the Union. We also have a Rental Team who are specialized in rental issues and law and can help students with conflicts with their landlord or roommates, with students who pay too much rent or mediating costs and with other problems concerning housing in Groningen. The Rental Team is available for questions and complaints via 050 363 4675, emailing to huurteam@groningenstudentenbond.nl or by walking by at the office of the Union. You can also get a hardcopy at various locations of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen and Hanzehogeschool.

Everything in the Housing Guide is meant to inform students about their housing rights and responsibilities. You can find tips and tricks to find a decent room to live in. This book is free and everything in it can be used. It is permitted to use and copy the content of the Housing Guide for non commercial goals, when references are used correctly.

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