Current Board

The board of the Groningen Students’ Union makes a yearly policy together with the members. Every board member has a part time job and are supported in their activities by the active members of the union.

Annemarie Herbschleb (she/her) (chair)
Contact press & media

Portfolios and committees: press & media; HBO; wellbeing; education; website; research team.

Press telephone:
06 25247861

Personal telephone:
 06 51106247

Stijn Honselaar (he/him) (Secretary)
Contact member administration

Portfolios and committees: housing; mobility; rental team; legal helpdesk.

Sietse Vlas (he/him) (treasurer)
Contact finances

Portfolios and committees: sustainability; federation; legal helpdesk; rental team; Nait Soez’n; discuscie

06 30079198

Andra Buciu (she/her) (commissioner of internal affairs)
Contact committees

Portfolios and committees: WO/RUG; education; diversity; internationalisation; accie.

06 12737596

Femke Douma (she/her) (commissioner of external affairs)
Contact acquisition

Portfolios and committees: promotion; action; politics; social media.

06 11349783

             Photographer: Annemarie Herbschleb