Current Board

The board of the Groningen Students’ Union makes a yearly policy together with the members. Every board member has a part time job and are supported in their activities by the active members of the union.

Ken Hesselink (he/him) (Chair)
Contact press & media

Portfolios and Committees: Press & Media; Housing; Mobility; Politics; Research Committee; Activities Committee

Press Telephone:
06 25247861

06 26460338


Tiara Ruidavet (she/her) (Secretary)
Contact member administration

Portfolios and Committees: Internationalisation; Diversity; Education: WO; Action; Application Committee; Education Team; Action Committee

Jitske Wielers (she/her) (Treasurer)
Contact Finances

Portfolios and Committees: Politics; LSVb; Sustainability; Acquisition; Nait Soez’n;

Sylke Ferwerda (she/her) (HBO)
Contact HBO

Portfolios and Committees: HBO; Education Team

Maria Hadjiiona (she/her) (Legal affairs)
Contact legal affairs

Portfolios and Committees: Legal Team