General Members Meeting

Welcome to the General Members Meeting page of the Groninger Student Union.

This page is intended to provide the time, place and information for the next GMM, as well as explain the function of the GMM for the association.
The General Assembly is the democratic vehicle for the members to vote on the policy of the board, to give input on the direction of the association and to express their concerns or ideas. It is of great importance for our association as advocates that we have a lively and active General Members Meeting.

A General Members Meeting consists of reviewing the minutes of the previous General Members Meeting, discussing received documents, voting on motions and matters to be approved by the members and discussing motions and interests of our association. The GMM has English as its primary language and Dutch as a secondary language in specific circumstances. We would like to invite all members to the next GMM.

Here the board publishes the agenda and the documents for the next General Members Meeting, which will take place online on Januari 28th, time is yet to be determined. We will decide later on the format, online or physical.

We hope to see you all at the next GSb GMM.

With ever combative greetings,

GSb board