Activities Committee

The AcCie (Activities Committee) organizes fun and interesting activities like publectures and quizzes for students in Groningen. In addition, the Accie provides a large part of the promotion of the Groninger Student Union. They also play a big part in the GSb-week, where they organise a lot of activities in one week and are responsible for the recruiting members. Wondering what the Accie organizes soon? Check our Facebook page.

The members of the AcCie are:
Malu Ayoub (coördinator)
Marije Kooistra
Laura Andriol
Céline Celie
Pim Holsbrink
Manuel Bonasia

From left to right top row: Marije, Laura.
From left to right bottom row: Céline, Lotte, Pim, Manuel.
Photo: Stijn van Doorn