Students of the RUG against the short stay rental contracts

Groningen, 22 May 2020 – The students of the University of Groningen oppose the plans to maintain the short stay contracts of the Stichting Studenten Huisvesting (SSH). The student section of the University of Groningen is forced to be clear that securing international students in contracts without any rent protection is not the solution to the housing problems in Groningen. The chairman of the Groningen Student Union, Jan Willem Leeuwma, states that ”We are pleased that the students, through the University Council and beyond, are raising the problems of short stay, we want to have a sustainable solution instead of a temporary and uncertain plaster”.

The cramped housing market in Groningen provides a difficult search for a room for the international student. This makes them dependent on the locations of SSH where they make use of short stay contracts. These contracts are intended for holiday homes or short term rentals and are often longer than 6 months. To what extent can you mention a short stay contract if it is for a period of 10 to 12 months,” says Leeuwma. Give all students the same rent protection and thus give a student more security.

Short stay contracts are an exception and the student cannot go to the rent assessment commission to challenge an excessively high rent. At the moment it is a plaster because the room market cannot cope with the influx. The short stay contract is now a necessary evil that should eventually disappear in order to keep the city liveable for everyone,” says Leeuwma.

The University of Groningen wants the SSH to be retained in order to be able to continue accommodating international students. The parties Lijst Calimero and Student Organisation Groningen (SOG), together with the GSb, have informed the university that they no longer want to see short stays in the city in the near future. Leeuwma states, ”After a constructive discussion with the RUG, we were able to emphasise housing with security and protection for the international student. We don’t want to see short stay in Groningen in the near future”.