Current Board

The board of the Groningen Students’ Union makes a yearly policy together with the members. Every board member has a part time job and are supported in their activities by the active members of the union.

Sjoerd Kalisvaart (chair)
Contact press & media
Portfolio: Housing
Committees: Rental Team, AcCie
06 30255924

Iris van der Burch (secretary & vice chair)
Contact membership administration
Portfolios: Wo & RUG, hbo & Hanze,internationalisation
Committees: Legal Helpdesk, AcCie
06 20646284

Anne Klaver (penningmeester)
Contact finance
Portfolios: Housing, acquisition
Committiees: Research Committee, Housing Team
06 48427116

Thomas Reindersma (bestuurslid intern)
Confidential counsellor
Portfolios: Mobility, diversity, sustainability
Committee: Nait Soez’n
06 46510333