Current Board

The board of the Groningen Students’ Union makes a yearly policy together with the members. Every board member has a part time job and are supported in their activities by the active members of the union.

Jolien Bruinewoud (chair)
Contact press & media
Portfolio: Housing
Committees: Juridisch Steunpunt, Housing Team
06 24799957

Malu Ayoub (commissioner of external affairs & vice chair)
Contact external relations
Portfolios: Housing, Aquisition
Committee: AcCie, MOV
06 46591042

Nico Wessels (secretary)
Contact membership administration
Portfolios: Mobility, hbo & Hanze, Diversity
Committees: Housingteam
06 22715679

Ryannah Kroeze (treasurer)
Contact finance
Portfolios: Sustainability, University/RUG, Activism
Committiees: Research Committee
06 21352231

Naomi Hauenstein (commissioner of internal affairs)
Confidential counsellor
Portfolios: Internationalisation, hbo/Hanzw
Committee: Nait Soez’n
06 19025314