Contact Point Abusive Landlordship

The Contact Point Abusive Landlordship (CPAL) has been brought to life on July 1st, 2016 by the Groningen Student Union in cooperation with the municipality of Groningen. Since January 1st, 2019 the CPAL is part of the vergunningstelsel from the Groningen municipality. Every tenant having problems with his or her landlord can send the complaint here. The Groningen Student Union collects the data and supports the tenants on demand. The municipality uses all the data to register which landlord crosses the line. When it appears that a landlord structurally violates the rules, the municipality will impose and enforce measures against the firm or person in question (for example, penalty payments and administrative enforcement). Every complaint counts, so don’t hesitate and file your complaint!

Of course, only the Groningen Students’ Union, the municipality or the police (if necessary) will supervise all data. We will never publicise the dossiers without any permission. The concerned landlords will never be put in the know about the fact that you filed a complaint against him. However, it is important to acknowledge that we will aim at recording the problems, in order to develop a focused tackling of the issue.

Do you want any assistance in lowering your rent, reclaiming your deposit, solving defects, or reclaiming your mediation costs? The Rental Team of the Groningen Students’ Union and the Support Center Mediation Costs Groningen (SCMC) are eager to help you! For mediation costs, you can contact the SCMC. For other rental issues you can contact the Rental Team.