We are looking for boardmembers 2020-2021!

DEADLINE: Sunday May 17th 23:59!

Do you want to have an indispensable experience in your student days? Do you want to dedicate yourself to the interests of all your fellow students in Groningen? Do you want to be the voice of studying Groningen? Then a board year at the Groninger Student Union is the thing for you!

About the GSb

The Groninger Student Union (GSb) is the trade union for students in Groningen. The atmosphere is easy, the coffee is always ready and they work hard to stand up for the Groningen student.

Students can call on us if they have problems with, for example, their education, part-time jobs, DUO or their landlord. The GSb has several workgroups that provide students with legal assistance, help them with a rent reduction or do research into various problems within the student world.

We inform students about the developments that concern them. With the magazine Nait Soez’n, the annual Kamerboek and digital and social media, among others, we keep students informed about developments in higher education and point out their rights.

In addition, we have good contacts with the representative bodies at the University of Groningen and the Hanze University, and we also consult with the municipality about student housing in Groningen. We are also a member of the Landelijke Studentenvakbond (LSVb), the major student representative in politics in The Hague.

If the interests of students are harmed and consultation no longer serves any purpose, we take action. Sometimes we playfully ask for action on a subject in order to get business done in the interest of students. In addition, we regularly visit the press & media to raise abuses and are often asked to comment on them.

About the board

As a director of the GSb, you are responsible for the day-to-day running of the company and set the policy for the coming year. You represent the GSb, organise activities and support the working groups. The board is the face of the GSb, so for example, you express views in the media, or enter into consultation with the municipality, the local political parties or Groningen higher education institutions. In addition, you often meet with the other student unions and the LSVb.

The GSb has various working groups that, among other things, give (legal) advice, measure rooms or give form and content to the opinion magazine. As a board, you supervise the working groups so that they can do their work as well as possible.

The board has the following functions: the chairman, secretary, treasurer, commissioner of internal affairs and a commissioner of external affairs. Of course these functions have some specific tasks, such as keeping the mail and mail, keeping the accounts or press and media, but as a board member you also focus on files that are not tied to a specific function. The various portfolios such as education and housing are divided among themselves. So it is easy to give your own interpretation of the board year. A board position will cost you about 20 hours per week.

What do we offer?
An administrative year at the Groninger Student Union provides you with the following:

  • The management of a student union that has been active for more than 45 years in both the representation of interests and the provision of services to students;
  • the supervision of 10 working groups and committees with a total of about 50 members;
    a unique and multi-faceted administrative experience with an emphasis on the representation of students’ interests at local and national level;
  • professional guidance from the LSVb and the GSb in which you not only acquire substantive knowledge but also learn practical skills, such as conducting professional interviews and dealing with the press;
  • an extensive network that extends to the municipality of Groningen, municipal council parties, the Groningen educational institutions, dozens of student organisations and colleagues from student unions in other student cities;
  • an unforgettable year in which you learn a lot of new skills and gain new experiences!

Who are we looking for?
People who possess the following qualities:

  • You can work well in a team;
  • you have perseverance;
  • you have analytical skills and a problem-solving approach;
  • you are enterprising and decisive;
  • you are good at dealing with feedback and criticism;
  • you have organizational and policy insight.

Would you like to know more? For more information, please contact the Search Committee via zoekco@groningerstudentenbond.nl or by calling 06 13710635 (Sue Mae Klein).

In addition, you can find more information in the board information booklet:

Information booklet Boarding at the GSb

Applying for a job now? Then send your CV and motivation letter to sollicitatie@groningerstudentenbond.nl. The deadline to apply is Sunday May 17th 23:59 hours!