Are you looking for something to do in addition to your studies? Then becoming an employee in one of our working groups or committees is a great option, where you can gain a lot of knowledge and also support the many students in Groningen. You will have the opportunity to work within a team of enthusiastic students with different studies. Within this team you will not only have a great time, but you will also acquire skills such as planning and organizing. For more reasons to become active at the Groninger Studentenbond look at our list (Five advantages of working at the Groninger Studentenbond) or look at the list below to see which vacancies are currently available. If you have any questions or are interested in a job, you can reach us at or apply directly and send your short letter of motivation and CV to

Are you concerned with how your educational institution can be improved? Are you willing to break rules to make that happen? Maybe going into the Co-governance Council on behalf of the GSb is for you!

The school or faculty council is where students can influence their own education. With extensive support from the GSb, you get to work proactively to improve it. Here’s where we’re participating in 2024:

Hanze schools

  • Business Administration
  • Communication, media & IT
  • International business

RUG faculties

  • Arts
  • Law
  • Behavioral and social sciences

What do you stand for?

The Groningen Student’s Union has been fighting for student rights for decades. In addition to co-governance, we are engaged in providing legal advice, activism, lobbying, and much more. The GSb is one of the few organizations that participates in elections for multiple councils, and the only one that participates at both the Hanze and the RUG. This network of council members allows us to work much more effectively and exchange knowledge faster. In addition, our activities do not stop at co-governance, if we want to achieve something we use a wider range of tools than other council parties (e.g., pressure from the media, lobbying local government, activism). As a union, we stand for further democratization of our educational institutions and fight for social safety, student well-being and diversity.

What is expected of you?

  • You will join the council for a full academic year
  • You will devote approximately 5 to 10 hours per week to your duties
  • You will become a member of the Groningen Student’s Union
  • You are enthusiastic and do not stop at the border of co-governance to achieve your goals
  • Once or twice a month school or faculty council meetings (depending on school/faculty)
  • Every week or every two weeks faction meeting (depending on school/faculty)

What do you get in return?

  • Extensive support from the GSb (e.g., advisory board, trainings, people who can answer your questions and help write policy)
  • You can actively improve your learning environment
  • Approximately € 1000,- (depending on school/faculty)
  • You gain valuable experience and expand your CV

How to apply?

You can apply by emailing your CV and a motivation letter to After an interview, you will be assigned a place on the list. Depending on the number of seats obtained in the election, you may or may not get a seat on the council. If you don’t get a seat, you can become part of the support faction, but this is not mandatory. Only students who obtain a seat will be compensated. We look forward to hearing from you!

Are you a law student and have completed your propaedeutic phase? Do you have a passion for student life? Then you’ve come to the right place! The board of the Groninger Student Union is looking for students with legal knowledge to join the board. You will serve as the link between the board and the Legal Support Center, helping to raise awareness of student matters among the general public.

The Legal Support Center is the advisory agency of the GSb – by and for students. We assist people from all over the country with questions about, among other things, education law, general contract law, tax law, and even inheritance law. The work of a Supporter includes answering phone calls, providing advice, and writing objections, appeals, and letters. The support center holds weekly meetings on Wednesdays from three to five at the GSb office. As a board member for student rights, it will be your task to oversee this.

In addition, you are the contact point for the secretary of the Support Point for Renting in Groningen. The GSb nominates a secretary, and you must together represent the interests of the GSb there. Support Point for Renting in Groningen is a legal support center established by the GSb and the Municipality of Groningen for all matters related to renting. Annually, it provides legal assistance to hundreds of tenants and landlords.

Additionally, you will serve as the legal anchor for the board. We can rely on you to dissect legal documents, provide an overview of issues students encounter, and assist in organizing necessary actions to protect student rights.

All of this will take up about six to ten hours per week. For this position, you should have strong legal and analytical skills. Experience in a committee or board is a plus but not a requirement. Are you the enthusiastic, motivated student who enjoys helping others? Apply now by sending your motivation letter and CV to!

Become part of the Groninger Student Union Research Bureau!

The GSb Research Bureau conducts independent research with a high societal impact in a non-academic environment. Our research is read by the leaders of both the University of Groningen, the Hanze University of Applied Sciences, and the municipality of Groningen. The GSb’s press officer also ensures that the research receives local attention. Joining the Research Bureau allows you to develop various skills, and it looks good on your resume.

Throughout an academic year, a small group of students will conduct research on matters concerning students. Last year, this involved a mixed-method study on student well-being, where the results were compared to a similar study from the GSb Research Bureau in 2017. Another well-known study is our 2015 research on student housing. The research revealed that international students in Groningen pay on average 75% more in rent. This research also received national media coverage at the time.

Each year, one study is conducted, and you are expected to remain with the Research Bureau for at least one year. There is approximately one meeting per week, and research is conducted outside of these meetings. Apart from pursuing a degree in the social sciences, there are no further requirements.

For more information and to read all previous studies, visit:

Are you interested? Send an email to with your motivation and experience.

Ben jij rechtenstudent en in het bezit van je propedeuse? Wil je graag ervaring opdoen in de juridische praktijk? Dan ben je bij ons aan het goede adres! Want het Juridisch Steunpunt van de Groninger Studentenbond is op zoek naar nieuwe medewerkers om ons team aan te vullen. Het Juridisch Steunpunt is een adviesbureau voor en door studenten. Wij helpen mensen vanuit het hele land die vragen hebben over o.a. onderwijsrecht, algemeen verbintenissenrecht, belastingrecht en zelfs erfrecht. Ook zijn wij wekelijks doorverbonden met de nationale studentenlijn. Het werk van een Steunpunter bestaat onder meer uit het aannemen van telefoontjes, het geven van advies, het schrijven van bezwaar-, beroepschriften en brieven. Een dynamisch werkveld waarin je veelt kunt leren!

De werkzaamheden nemen gemiddeld vier uur per week in beslag. Om de week vergadert het Steunpunt en er worden geregeld gezellige avonden en informatieve juridische trainingen georganiseerd. Voor de functie dien je te beschikken over goede juridische en analytische vaardigheden. Ook zijn gedegen schrijfvaardigheden een must. Ben jij die enthousiaste, gedreven student die het leuk vindt om anderen te helpen? Solliciteer dan nu en stuur je motivatiebrief en CV naar

Do you want to apply? Please send your CV and a short motivation to